Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 Potentially Habitable Alien Planets

I've always loved both astronomy and biology. It makes sense then that I get really excited when the two topics are combined, such as in the search for exterrestrial life. While we have plenty of options for potentially habitable worlds in our own solar system, none of them really resemble earth. The following is a list of five planets outside our solar system that are quite earth-like and would be more likely to host life as we know it.

I'm particular interested in Gliese 581g and Gliese 581d, as they're from the same system. It seems like it would be an obvious target for further study with two potential life bearing worlds. I get the feeling gliese 581g would be more Earth like, while Gliese 581d would be more similar to Mars in terms of friendliness to life.

Credit goes to some random 9gag user, which is where I found this image. If anyone knows the original source, please let me know in the comments so I can credit them.


  1. Nice post and good blog from what I've read so far. I believe there is life in space for sure, just don't know how far from us.

  2. I remember reading about this a few days ago, what's really infuriating is that these planets may actually contain life, but we have no way of knowing

  3. Fascinating post.

    I have always believed there are other forms of life outside earth. I mean, come on, there are thousands of galaxies, how could there not be other beings?

    Nice to know we may have an option for the future to find a new home. Earth so awesome, I hope we can save it.

  4. This makes me put things in perspective

  5. Now I feel really, really small... I always get like this when I'm thinking about Space.

    It's actually a nice feeling

  6. so many possibilites.
    didn't know that we already found 5 planets that were fitting candidates to accommodate life

  7. Interesting list! Now if only someone could come up with long-distance space travel . . .

  8. Cool blog!
    It's nice that we have these possibilities to move on to, but it won't be worth much if we don't develop ways of getting there. In practical terms, I'm not sure which option is more viable, moving to these other planets or just terraforming those in our own solar system...

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