Thursday, October 11, 2012

6 Most Annoying Video Game Characters

Anyone who has ever played a video game has come across a character they hate, whether it be those damned ghosts from PacMan, or the 14 year old kid screaming into the microphone playing halo. I've decided to put together a list of what I consider to be 6 of the most annoying characters in video game history.

6. Slippy from StarFox

The engineer of the StarFox crew, he needs to learn to stay in the garage. Slippy has to be the most incompetent pilot in the history of video games. After having the phrase "Fox! Get this guy off me!" drilled into the very fibre after only a few levels, you really wonder how this amphibious laser magnet passed pilot school. Of course it's never ending, because as soon as you bail Slippy out of a tough situation, he immediately re-joins the battle declaring revenge instead of polishing hammers in the garage like he should be.

5. Gary Oak (or any rival) from Pokemon

He's slept with all these ladies, and won't even share.

This guy feels the need to design his whole Pokemon career around you in an attempt to piss you off. As we all know, he chooses his starting pokemon based on what will kick your starting Pokemon's ass for the entire rest of the game! He also defeats all the gym leaders before you and feels the need to occasionally wait for you and shove them in your face. Of the 8 badges available in the first Pokemon series, he earned ten of them. He's the overachieving pompous brat from high school everyone hopes is scrubbing toilets at their 10 year re-union.

4. Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing

Mr. Ressetti is perhaps the most appropriately named video character ever. If you dare to try to cheat in  Animal Crossing by reseting the game, a shit storm is headed your way, and that shit storm's name is Mr. Resetti. When you return to the game after resetting, Mr. Resetti immediately confronts you, and will not let you play until he's satisfied. Sometimes he'll just yell at you, other times he'll make you type out an apology.

3. Moira Brown from Fallout 3

Why.... are you telling me this?

Pointless side quests abound! Moira exists for no other reason than to send you on pointless experimental side-quests for her book (such as standing in a pool of radiation) that would kill any normal person. Sure, some of the perks you get from the quest are kindof nice, but It's a real challenge not to nuke the whole Megaton town just for the satisfaction of ridding her from the game. Except that even if you nuke the whole town, she is the one person that survives and returns as a ghoul.

2. Zelda series: Na'vi, Tingle, and that friggin owl.

Look at him, just look at him! That little green elf looking thing is tingle, looking like that how could he ever be anything but irritating! Majora's mask was scarring enough to young minds without the addition  of Tingle. Those that have played the Wind Waker know him as an even more annoying character than in Majora's Mask in many ways, one of which is charging you 1 more rupee than you currently have the ability to carry, forcing you to get a wallet upgrade,  he even has his own island.

Even more iconic than tingle, is Navi. She has annoying millions of players with her "Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen!" over every little thing in the game. Finally that owl from Ocarina of Time, he just drones on and on and I swear the developers were trolling, because if you keep pressing "a" to skip it, you eventually get to a message that says something like "press a if you would like me to repeat myself".

1. Duck Hunt Dog from Duck Hunt

I actually still have and play the original duck hunt, and I can tell you that this guys is legitimately as annoying as everyone says he is. You can hit 30 ducks in a row and he'll still give you the same condescending laugh when you inevitably do miss one. The dog would be the first instance of a video game mocking your skill many of us have ever experienced, and this is why this dog has rightfully earned the title of the most annoying video game character.

What do you think? Is there any other characters that you think are more annoying than these ones? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I feel left out because I am so out of the video gaming world :(

    1. That's why I try and cover a variety of topics! I'm sure some of the other topics on the page would interest you, if not, just wait... I might post something you like.

  2. Heh, I generally agree with this list, though personally I would have added Chuckles from the Ultima series.

    God I hate that clown

  3. You picked the right character for the #1 spot. I think it's general consensus that everyone hates that dog.

  4. I feel left out for not playing any of these games. Though I know about them.
    Read the whole text and agree on many. Just change the "where" to "were" in the Zelda paragraph.

    1. Thanks for catching that spelling mistake, I missed it.

  5. oh yea you got to hate gary! always on time when you just lost most of your pokemons

  6. Amen to Navi's "hey, listen!" and that owl from Zelda. I'm trying to think of others that annoy me, but I can't think of too many... maybe Princess Peach from any of the Mario games. She's pretty annoying.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

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