Wednesday, September 5, 2012

8 Unique Keyboards

People seemed to like the 10 Most Unique Coffee Mugs post, so I thought it would be a good idea to continue the theme. This time we have a collection of some of the most interesting keyboards around.

1. Bamboo keyboard and mouse.

The key's and just about everything else in this combo are made out of bamboo. Perfect if you're going for a natural look. I'd be very interested to try typing on this.

Sells for $58.70.

2. Scrabble Keyboard

At first glance, this one looks quite similar to the bamboo keyboard. Upon further inspection however, you'll notice the keys are made from scrabble letters, and the keys that aren't found in a scrabble game (like numbers) have a scrabble themed font.

They're not for sale... yet, but the guys website that made them is here, and he's talking about selling them if he gets the legal issues figured out

3. Das Keyboard

The Das keyboard model S Ultimate keyboard doesn't have any letters printed on it. The reasoning is that the fastest typists don't look at their keys, and this keyboard forces you to memorize where your keys are. It''s also uses a mechanical gold plated system for the key switches instead of the standard film system uses by most keyboards.

4. Optimus Tactus Touchscreen Keyboard

Normal key layout
Re-arranged for video playing
The Optimus Tactus Touchscreen keyboard is a keyboard without keys. The whole unit is one big touch screen, and you can change the key layouts to resemble a keyboard, video player, or even photoshop.

The keyboard is still in it's design phase unfortunately, but the companies current Optimus Maximus keyboard is one of the best around, featuring individual keys with programmable LED displays.

5. Roll-Up Keyboards

These are cool, super portable keyboards. I would think they'd be cool with tablets if you don't like the touch screen keyboard.

You can buy one for $19.99.

6. Virtual Infrared Keyboard

This keyboard has no buttons, it simply shows a picture of a keyboard and senses where your fingers are. I question how well this would work but it still seems cool!

It's an expensive keyboard at $169.99.

7. Steampunk Keyboard

Like the steampunk mouse mentioned in another article, the steam punk keyboard is a homemade creation. I don't know of anywhere you can buy one like this, but it's a great idea for those DIY'ers out there that are a fan of steampunk.

Instructions can be found here.

8. Orbitouch keyless keyboard

I thought this odd keyboard was a set if speakers when I first saw it. No, it's a keyless keyboard designed for people with limited movement in their hands. The two dials have many combinations that when turned to, correspond to a letter on a keyboard, or a click of a mouse. It actually replaces both the mouse and the keyboard.

These keyboards are pricey though, at $399.

Bonus keyboard

Okay so this one isn't actually a keyboard, it's a waffle iron. It is a waffle iron that makes keyboard shaped waffles though! So it's definitely worth a mention.


  1. Cool list! I like the Optimus Touch Screen one, but just because it looks nice I hate typing on touchscreens.

  2. Whoah! Would you look at those keyboards! I think I could tap all day if I have one of these keyboards. All of these keyboards look fantastic, but I think I would go for the Virtual Infrared Keyboard. You can virtually carry your keyboard everywhere!

  3. I remember the first time I got a roll-up keyboard. I felt like I was just rolling up a towel. Hahaha! The virtual infrared keyboard is the coolest for me, although I think it’s too expensive! ;p

  4. Steampunk keyboards simply remind me of old typewriter keys. Haha! Well, there are a lot of keyboard designs available in the market today; but if you really want to have a unique design, you should really go for this one! ;)


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