Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 Stereotypically Badass Animals That Are Actually Wimps

There are some truly bad-ass animals in nature, lions, tigers, and bears all have a reputation of being forces to be reckoned with. Some other animals that we often think of this way are actually not as tough or scary as we've been lead to believe. You see so many posts about awesome animals on the internet, this is going to be a bit different. It's about the carnivores who are least capable. Species that crave blood, yet flee at the slightest struggle.

3. Piranha

Dip your hand into a river full of piranhas and you can expect it to be shredded to the bone right? No, not at all. They're actually quite wimpy, and will flee a person swimming in water much the same way trout or minnows do. They only prey on animals that are severely injured, or dead. That being said, they do eat meat, and fast! But they don't go around hunting down everything in the amazon, in fact they're a prey item for many animals in the rain forest and are apparently quite tasty.

2. Calabar Burrowing Python

Pythons are those big extremely muscular snakes that kill by squeezing an animal to death right? Well yes, except this particular python is to weak to do what it pythons do best, constrict. They feed on infant rodents, being to weak to take down an adult mouse, and typically don't even constrict their prey, but would rather kill them by squishing them against a wall or laying on them.

Doesn't look to tough.

They have a weak bite as well and have no means to defend itself other than to hide it's head, tuck into a ball and offer it's fatty tail section in hopes that the real predator eats that instead.

1. Humans

Think about it, we kill and consume almost every creature on this planet. Yet how many of us would willingly kill a mouse with our bare hands? I bet most of you reading would much prefer to do so with something less... messy. I mean guts and stuff is gross right?

What do you mean you want me to TOUCH it!?

See that's my point, a wolf just goes head first into the intestines of a deer and tears off whatever it bites down on, and is friggen happy to do so. Us humans, top predators that we are, rely on artificially manufactured tools and weaponry to kill things. Even small harmless things like mice or spiders that we could easily kill without weapons, many of use are wimpy around. We used to be bad ass hunters (ask the mammoths), but modern society has turned most of us into wimps.

Do you think that there are any other animals that we commonly think of as bad-ass, But are actually wimps? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Didn't know that piranhas only bite when they sense something dead or injured. Interesting stuff.

  2. haha that part about humans is funny...we suck! :D

  3. There are lots of dangerous spiders that are the same way... they're way more likely to run away rather than bite!

  4. Hahaha last pic is great!

  5. I cracked up at number one... Great post mate!

  6. You have to be severly injured to be attacked by pranhas or is ti enough to have a cut?

  7. That's true about humans. Many people don't like the idea of hunting and killing their own food, much less doing it--me included. :P

  8. Hilarious post, thanks for following.

  9. I still wouldn't go near a piranha. That Doctor Who episode with the Vashta Nerada did it for me *shudders*.

    -Barb the French Bean

  10. This is some good shit! Following. Keep it comin

  11. did you know that this blog is seriously entertaining?! nice work man, nice work.
    shoulda put humans at the top of the list though ;)

  12. We need to get survival of the fittest kicking again!

  13. LOL humans definitely belong on the list. Awesome blog, following.

  14. Good to know about the piranhas, I still don't think I'll jump into a pool with them.

  15. I never knew that about piranhas and so true about humans lol

  16. Interesting. I like to watch AnimalPlanet, when I'm not writing, dog-wrangling, or being a domestic goddess. Added myself to your followers.

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