Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Fantastic Weatherman Fails

We here at List Nation love fails of all varieties, especially news related fails! Specifically today, we are bringing you a few of the funniest weatherman fails we've come across!

Weathermen/women have a pretty good job. They read some stuff off a teleprompter, and point at a screen, making predictions that may or may not have any basis in truth. Some times though, the job of a weather man goes horribly wrong! Here's 3 fantastic weather man fail videos plus some pictures!

1. The Gay Weather Man

The poor guy is petrified by an unwelcome arthropod guest, putting a grinding halt on the weather of central Florida.

2. Guy Really Loves The Weather!

O boy. Here's a weatherman that gets a little "to" into the weather! Whether it's just nerves, or he is just that worked up about the coming snow storm, he gets the message across. "Record breaking storm comes todaaayyyyy!!!!!"

3. Finger Fail

A weatherman having a little bit of fun flipping the bird to the cameraman gets caught. You can see the regret in his face right before they cut back to the news anchors!

The great thing about doing a post on weatherman fails, is that we have an excuse to be immature for a moment. See if you can spot the theme in the following pictures.

He's got a scanner coming out of his head!
That's not were Cuba is.
"Steamy Air"
Notice the vein near the base
If your a bit younger, and still not sure what you want to be when you grow up, remember that you can always have some fun by becoming a weatherman or weathergirl!


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