Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Unique DIY Betta Tank Ideas

Here are a few ideas if you are looking for a unique betta tank design. Most of these posts have a link to instructions on how to build them. If you're designing a betta tank on your own, try to keep it on the larger side, and always remember to include a lid in your set up. Betta's are excellent jumpers and we want them to stay in their tanks, not on the floor!

1. Framed Fish Tank

I stumbled upon this idea and thought it was really neat. instructions on how to make it can be found here. I would love to take this idea one step further and have a hole in the wall approximately the size of the fish tank, and set the fish tank in there so the tank sits "on the wall" like a picture.

2. Gumball Machine Betta Tank

This is a neat little idea for a betta tank. It works well because you could hide a bubbler underneath if you wished, or lights in the hood. Here is a basic step by step on how to make a basic on of these. I would try and find a bigger gumball machine than the one pictured however.

3. Coffee Pot Betta Tank

A coffee pot is perhaps the perfect household item to modify into a betta tank, it has a built in heater, and you could even make a convert the back of it into a filter if you where really ambitious. This guy has a pretty good walk through on how to make one, and is the original source of the image to the left, he does a little bit more than just a tank set up. For example you can see the current temperature of the water displayed below the coffee pot in the picture, and he embeds LED's into the lid of the coffee pot.

4. Betta Hydroponics

Why not combine a love of fishkeeping with a love of growing plants? A hydroponic set up allows for the plants to help clean the water, improving the well being of your betta. The waste from the betta will also allow the plants to flourish. The image pictured is a product made by Back to the Roots, but it wouldn't be that difficult to design you're own.

5. Computer Aquarium

Those old Macs aren't of much use any more, but you can modify it into a fantastic Betta tank. You could do this with TV's or any other kind of older monitor as well! Here is a gallery with a few different angles of the picture shown.

Have any unique DIY betta tank ideas of your own? Feel free to post them in the comments! If you have a link to the DIY step-by-step, that is more than welcome as well.


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