Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Unique Coffee Mugs

I love coffee, and It's a fair bet you love coffee if you're on this page (or tea!). I have an awesome coffee mug, but it's dreadfully plain looking. I've taken a search around for something a little more unique, and here's the 10 most unique coffee mugs I found!

1. The camera lens coffee mug

Here's one for the photography buff's out there. I'm seriously considering getting this one. My only fear is that someone will pick it up and spill hot tea everywhere not realizing it's actually a mug and not a camera lens. On the bright side, you can pretend to have a really nice camera lens for those that are just walking by!

Want the mug? It's $25 and can be found here! 

2. Mario Pipe mug

For the Mario fans out there, here is a coffee mug featuring the pipe design from Super Mario. The mug comes with any one of several available coaster designs as well!

This one's a bit more expensive, but is available for $34.

3. The Plug Mug

This mug has a handy little feature, a removable plug near it's base. What good does that do you ask? Well if you've ever worked in an office with a co-worker that uses other people's coffee mugs you'd understand. Just take the plug with you wherever you go and no one can use your mug while your away!

The Plug Mug sells for $18.99

4. Octopus surprise mug

Want a mug that seems simple on the outside, but has a bit of a twist? This is the mug for you then!

Get it for $9.99. Not a fan of octopi? Get the shark version instead.

5. Tank meter coffee mug

This is a cool little coffee mug that senses how hot the beverage inside is. When your coffee is hot, the gauge is full and drops as the temperature drops. This way you will always know just how hot that cup of hot chocolate or cappuccino is!

This heat sensitive mug sells for $9.69

6. Rubik's cube mug

Have an Einstein in the family? They might enjoy the extremely geeky rubik's cube mug. It would be really cool if the parts were movable, but I think it's pretty cool just like this as well.

Get one for $12.99.

7. Caffeine mug.

The caffeine mug is perfect for either the caffeine nut or chemistry geek you know. It features a drawing of the caffeine molecule on it's surface.

Get one for $6.99, or get the stainless steel travel mug for $8.99.

8. Tipping Tea cups

This is one specifically for the tea drinkers on the list. You simply put the tea in the top corner of the mug, pour the water over it and voila! you have you're tea. It's meant for loose tea, but tea bags will work to.

Buy it for $22.

9. Toilet mug

Here's a mug for that person who have an awful taste in drinks. Hate black coffee and have a co-worker or spouse that drinks nothing but black coffee?

Get them one a gift for $8.99. 

10. Golf coffee mug

This is a great mug for the golfer's out there, or those who just like to have a little fun at work. You can waste all day playing golf at the office. When the boss comes around, offer to let him try!


  1. OOOOOO!! A fellow charismatic coddler of café! Loving this! Mil Gracias


    P.S. Here from LinkedIn Blog Hop.

    1. Yes, I love both coffee and tea, glad you enjoyed this!

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    This is an excellent mug for the tennis players out there, or those who just like to have a little fun at perform. You can spend all day child at the workplace. When the manager comes around, provide to let him try!

  3. The octopus one has to be my favourite one... Easily! Haha

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